A Dame's Blog

Hurrah Hurrah Hurra!! 2 days down, 8 to go!

So with just 8 days untill curtain up on Dick Whittington here in Yeovil...you may wonder, how are things going.... and to be honest I should wonder that too...

We have reheares none stop for 2 days now, everything has been "blocked" which means we now know all of our enterances, positions for scenes and movement that we should be doing during a scene.  ALOT to take in in 2 days.... but we have to do it, once it is blocked we then have time to go away and run the scens, this afternoon we ran the safe cracking routeen, to get it slick and smooth. =) and hopefully thats what it now is.

At the moment we are not really working with the dancers, they are working away on their own, later in the week we will all join up and start running the acts together so we have more of an idea who's on the stage with us at any one time.

But after two days everything is looking promising! Things are looking great and it appears we are going to be having a FAAB-ulous show.

Exciting news to finish todays blog....Today I was given my dressing room! =) Complete with shower, how excited was I?

Anyway, hopefully next time I Blog, some pictures will follow!!

Talk to you soon!
Sam =) x