Long time no Blog!

Well it's been a while!! I haven't stopped since the last blog!!

At the moment I am sat with my feet in a foot spa! Relaxing! 2 shows a day for the past 2 weeks, (Christmas Day off!) However the show finishes on Saturday! 32 shows after we started!

We have been playing to some great audiences! And being having some great laughs! It's been a great show, and we all really enjoy doing it!

The other day, I had, what we like to call, a costume malfunction, as I was being done into my opening dress, the zip exploded in Jemmas hand...so had to re-gig all my costumes and wear a different one to open, and slot another dress into the show, which was nice for a change. Nigel Peever though, our friendly king rat, is a dab hand with a "singer" so the next day after a trip to the local department store we had a new zip in the frock and everything back to normal!
Today we had Secret Santa...and santa really came!!!

As you can see he came between shows today, so I had to meet him with my face on still!!! As by the time I take all my face off it's time to start putting it back on again!!

This week I went to buy a "homedics" foot massager!!! Anyone who wears heels should get one...it heats and massages!!!

Anyhoo...this is one Dame who needs his bed!!

I'll write again soon! Check back for a Dames Blogs Update!!