And So it begins

Well it's just creeping into July, the summer is one of the best ones we have had in a long time, and what am I thinking about? Yes thats right - It's panto time for me already!

As a dame, I have to start planning early, and as Aladdin is a pantomime I am yet to play dame in, it takes alot more planning. Widow Twankey is one of the greatest pantomime dames, normally the principle boy/girl gets the rags to riches story, and in Aladdin, the principle boy (Aladdin) gets that story, but so does his mother (ME!!!)  So when designing my costumes for Aladdin, I get to go really over the top and throw in alot of colour.  But I also have to be clever with my designs as I have to look like I have come from being a poor helpless washer woman, to having loads of money and best frocks around!!

This week myself and my costume maker, Melanie Mylie, went material shopping, once we had decided on the designs we went looking for good material to make them out, and the "Fancy Silk Store" in Birmingham is the best place to go for fabric!  This all seems rather early to be doing things, but as of this week I am off on tour with the Scooby Doo Show, so I wont be around for the next few months to sort things out! However Mel now was the fabric so can get on with making the frocks as an when is is ready!

So things are now on the move for the Christmas Season 2010, but as you may be begining to see, the whole year is getting ready for Christmas for a Pantomime Dame. 

Ciao for now!