Press Launch

Well these will hopefully now become more regular as panto creeps ever closer....

I am sat in what we call a "shed" at Pontins, Ive got some background music on and am trying to make it feel as homely as possible...the candles are helping slightly. I have about 5 weeks left with the Scooby Doo Tour which is going rather well! And next week I get some time off, and hopefully will get to try some frocks on that Mel has started making!

Anyway, last Tuesday me and Nigel traveled up to Doncaster from Brean. We had to be there at 11am so had to leave at about 6.30am to give us time to get there, all well and good, but we had a show with Scooby the night Camber (Hastings) so we didnt get back to Brean untill after a few Black Coffees we made it to Doncaster in one piece.

We have now met most of the rest of the cast which is lovely and I am now really looking forward to working with Jimmy, as he has to be one of the nicest people I have met, and a very funny man, if you get to come and see us i can bet you will come out of the theatre with a smile on your face.

So we had a very long day on Tuesday, once at the theatre we found out we had made it rather big in Doncaster (see photos in Panto section). We were taken to the dressing rooms, where me and Nigel Peever spent about 50mins getting into makeup and costume, normally it doesnt take this long but it was the first time in a long time we have done this make up and the first time I have done this face properly. Because Widow Twankey is an old washer woman I have to age myself, and with such a baby face ;) (I wish) this takes slightly longer than my normal dame face!

Once all the slap and costumes are on we went out onto stage for photograpsh and interviews with the Press (Jimmy was in alot of demand)
This all takes about 30 mins, and then its time to wipe it all off, pack up the boobs and fold up the frock, and then off to meet the rest of the cast out of make-up over a bite to eat!

We had a lovely day and will certainly have many more like it to come!

Thanks for reading, there will be more to come!

Sam x