And So it begins

Well it's just creeping into July, the summer is one of the best ones we have had in a long time, and what am I thinking about? Yes thats right - It's panto time for me already!

As a dame, I have to start planning early, and as Aladdin is a pantomime I am yet to play dame in, it takes alot more planning. Widow Twankey is one of the greatest pantomime dames, normally the principle boy/girl gets the rags to riches story, and in Aladdin, the principle boy (Aladdin) gets that story, but so does his mother (ME!!!)  So when designing my costumes for Aladdin, I get to go really over the top and throw in alot of colour.  But I also have to be clever with my designs as I have to look like I have come from being a poor helpless washer woman, to having loads of money and best frocks around!!

This week myself and my costume maker, Melanie Mylie, went material shopping, once we had decided on the designs we went looking for good material to make them out, and the "Fancy Silk Store" in Birmingham is the best place to go for fabric!  This all seems rather early to be doing things, but as of this week I am off on tour with the Scooby Doo Show, so I wont be around for the next few months to sort things out! However Mel now was the fabric so can get on with making the frocks as an when is is ready!

So things are now on the move for the Christmas Season 2010, but as you may be begining to see, the whole year is getting ready for Christmas for a Pantomime Dame. 

Ciao for now!



Some Reviews!
This Sunday I got back from Yeovil, and my first proffessional panto experience!!

So Slightly later than normal I got on with going to see the Pantomimes around the West Midlands!
This Thursday I went to see Aladdin and the Lichfield Garrick. Featuring Rustie Lee as the Genie, who was very funny, slipping on some lines, and just seeming to love being on stage, she seemed to have as much fun as the audience which was great to see. It was written and Directed by Ian Adams, who also appeared in it as Widow Twankey. Barnaby was back again this year, funny as ever with a great oppening spot!

The pantomime was a great fun filled family pantomime, the story line seemed to me to be slightly confused with Cinderella! However it moved quickly with lots of high energy singing and dancing!

Again, A great fun pantomime for all the family from The Garrick.


Also this week, Cinderella at the Solihull Arts Comples...
Pantomime, or old time Music Hall? With and overture of Christmas songs that had no place in the plot, the story is very slow moving with local comic Malcolm Stent, appealing to anyone over the age of 60.. he plays a very old, slow moving Buttons with no appeal to Cinderella or the story line...his opening spot...about wheely bins was lost slightly on me. The fairy was the strongest thing in the pantomime, with a strong singing voice and held the audience well... The Ugly Sisters had a lack of costumes and wigs and unfotunatly werent on as much as the should be, over shadowed some what by Malcom hogging the stage!
The one saving grave of the show were the very enthusiastic dancers!
Bravo to them!

But unfotunatly for me not the best of family pantomimes, more for the older person in Solihull me thinks!!

More Revies to follow!!


Long time no Blog!

Well it's been a while!! I haven't stopped since the last blog!!

At the moment I am sat with my feet in a foot spa! Relaxing! 2 shows a day for the past 2 weeks, (Christmas Day off!) However the show finishes on Saturday! 32 shows after we started!

We have been playing to some great audiences! And being having some great laughs! It's been a great show, and we all really enjoy doing it!

The other day, I had, what we like to call, a costume malfunction, as I was being done into my opening dress, the zip exploded in Jemmas had to re-gig all my costumes and wear a different one to open, and slot another dress into the show, which was nice for a change. Nigel Peever though, our friendly king rat, is a dab hand with a "singer" so the next day after a trip to the local department store we had a new zip in the frock and everything back to normal!
Today we had Secret Santa...and santa really came!!!

As you can see he came between shows today, so I had to meet him with my face on still!!! As by the time I take all my face off it's time to start putting it back on again!!

This week I went to buy a "homedics" foot massager!!! Anyone who wears heels should get heats and massages!!!

Anyhoo...this is one Dame who needs his bed!!

I'll write again soon! Check back for a Dames Blogs Update!!


A Dame's Blog

Hurrah Hurrah Hurra!! 2 days down, 8 to go!

So with just 8 days untill curtain up on Dick Whittington here in may wonder, how are things going.... and to be honest I should wonder that too...

We have reheares none stop for 2 days now, everything has been "blocked" which means we now know all of our enterances, positions for scenes and movement that we should be doing during a scene.  ALOT to take in in 2 days.... but we have to do it, once it is blocked we then have time to go away and run the scens, this afternoon we ran the safe cracking routeen, to get it slick and smooth. =) and hopefully thats what it now is.

At the moment we are not really working with the dancers, they are working away on their own, later in the week we will all join up and start running the acts together so we have more of an idea who's on the stage with us at any one time.

But after two days everything is looking promising! Things are looking great and it appears we are going to be having a FAAB-ulous show.

Exciting news to finish todays blog....Today I was given my dressing room! =) Complete with shower, how excited was I?

Anyway, hopefully next time I Blog, some pictures will follow!!

Talk to you soon!
Sam =) x

Light Switch On!

Well today was the day! The Big Light Switch on in Yeovil, and the first time I have every done anything like it really!! Myself, Andy Scott Lee and Nigle Harvey were there from the pantomime to switch on the Yeovil Chirstmas Lights.

It was interesting, we were told 10 mins before we were ment to be on stage that we were going to have to do a 25 min fill, so myself and Nigel managed to do 20 mins of improvisation before bringing Andy Scott Lee out to help us turn on the lights! It was great fun but very cold!!! On the way down I thought we were going to have really bad weather as it rained half of my trip, but the weather remaind dry! And I had a great evening, I hope to do it again sometime!

While I was down there, I found out where Starbucks was...vital to keep me going, and also where Gregs was, great when hungry strikes!! (The Festive bake is genius...the pork and stuffing sausage role wonderful!!!)

It was nice to see my face on a flyer too...see attached picture...nice and scary all at the same time!!

Anyway, I've had a really long day, so I'm off to bed now...tomorow, I will see if the papers got a good shot, and if they did I'll see if I can get a picture up for you!!

Good Night!
Sam x =)

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