It's getting close Now!

Well loves, Panto is just round the perverbial corner!
Just thought I'd do a quick blog as an update! So here it goes!!

Dresses...I now know what I am wearing and roughly when I am wearing it... Mel my costume maker is busily putting the finishing touches to the new frocks I have made.
Wigs.. ALL READY!! Thanks to both Michael Batchelor and Anthony Kitcher this year for my selection of new Wigs, I will be wearing some from last year but have 4 new ones which are FABULOUS for this year!
Shoes..I have 2 new pairs of shoes! I've got to pick one pair up tomorrow, and am waiting for the other pair to be made as they are made specially for me!

Tomorrow night I am heading to Doncaster to meet the Honey Monter and the worlds most evil magician for lunch! Well I say that, the lovely Philip Knight has stepped in at the last second to help us out turning the lights on, he will be appearing as the star of the show and is very excited about the whole thing! And of course Mr Nigel Peever will be there causing trouble as Abanazar! :) After lunch we will head to the theatre to put our "faces on" and get ready for the big switch on in Doncaster. I have been lucky enough to be inveted to switch the Christmas Lights on, so expect some comedy and lots of audience partitty-pation from me! I am very excited and hopefully will have lots of pictures for here tomorrow... I have planned ahead this year and decided to wear my fur coat, as last year i froze!! hehe!

Last Night, I had a great night, I went to see Rocky Horror with Rob "the Rob Bagnall/Baggers" Bagnall and the lovely Carol, and it was really nice to have a RHS Virgin come along too, Phil, who I worked with on Scooby Doo came along to watch the show too! :) The show was fantastic as usual! If you have never been to a RHS, you really's a night out you will remember for a very long time! We met some of the cast after and I got my photo with some of them, after again...freezing my whatsits off! Ohhh it was cold!
Here's one of the maRocky Horrorny pics from last night!

Ready for the Show!!

Well I shall sign off for now, will give you a small update after the lights are turned on tomorrow!
Pip Pip me loves!
Sam x