The Start

Well Friends!

Panto had well and truely started, I arrived at my digs on Sunday afternoon, and managed to do the whole run in one trip, Costumes, Wigs, Shoes Props and all, just about managed to get it all into my car! The house is ok, and I am sharing this year with my good friend Nigel Peever, and 2 of the girls in the cast, Leona O'Sullivan - Aladdin, and Melissa Parry - Slave of the Ring. I got to the house and managed to take over the whole room with my "stuff"!

Monday, was our first day of rehearsals and it went really well, I've now met the rest of the cast, minus the dancers who will be in to join us soon, and we managed to block the whole of the show, so now it is a case of working on the routines, and running the show to get it stream lines and running really well,

Tuesday we again ran the show and managed to have a chat and a sing song with the MD! Today went really well! We got to have a go at some of the routines Jimmy Cricket has put in, the show is coming together nicely! And I cant wait to get the show in the stage in font of an audience!!

Well I am sat back in the digs now, had a glass of wine and will be heading to bed soon, as we have a full week, and I need my "beauty sleep"!

Talk soon folks!


Sam x