Tech/Dress.Photo Opp!

She is here at last... Twankey hit the Stage

Today we finally managed to get a full run under our belts in costume and make-up and the lot! So now we have a rough time on the show and if things need chopping or changing that will happen tomorrow! I thought I would give you a wee shot of myself as Twankey, this is the wig I have had made by Anthony Kitcher, and dress by Melanie Mylie, they work beautifully together as my opening costume for Act II when I am working with Wishee in the laundry.

So today we did a tech run on Act II and then did a full dress rehearsal of both acts, we were also lucky enough to get someone to take some shots of the whole show so they will follow soon! :) Last night we did a tech of Act I which ran rather smoothly, a Tech run, for those who don't know is a run of the show, but we stop for the stage crew and the lightning and sound operators, as they have never seen the show before, they are learning the cues, and then they plot these into the script. So when we come to do a dress rehearsal which is everyone in full costumes, in theory we shouldn't stop, but if worse comes to worse, we will to change and swap things about! Tonight however things went very well!

Tomorrow we have another Dress Run in the morning just to iron things out, and then in the evening we are open to invited members of the public to watch our final dress rehearsal, so it is not a show per say, but it is all at the same time it gets very confusing!


So watch out for the pictures from the show they will be up on here soon!

Also this week we had a photo call at "The Local" which was a bistro come restaurant, they were lovely and gave us free Pizza, and on Thursday we will be going there for our Christmas Party! So a big thanks to the People at "The Local" for that! Here is a shot from my camera from the shoot...


So if you would like to come and see Aladdin and his wonderful lamp ticket info is on the flyer on my home page! It is at the Doncaster Civic Theatre from 16th December till 9th Jan!

Also quick reminder before I go to bed, as another long day is planned for tomorrow... Weakest Link...Me on it... 30th December BBC2 6.15pm!! Have a watch!!

Talk to you all soon... :)

Goodnight from one worn out Dame!

Sam x