10 Shows Left

Hi guys!

Just ten shows left! Panto has flown by again! Once we open we seem to be shutting! It's been a great run here in Doncaster, we have had great full houses with great audiences who have been very responsive and seem to love the show as much as we have loved putting it on!

I managed to get home for Christmas day, which was a great day, however I did end up cooking Christmas dinner again with my brother! Then straight back ton Doncaster for 2 shows on boxing day!

Over the past few weeks I have managed to get to see a couple of panto's too, I saw Red Riding Hood in Birdwell, with my good friend Naughty Nigel Harvey as Dame Granny Hood! It was a fantastic show, and had a really good script with a lot of it sticking to the folk law, a really enjoyable show with a great sound track to accompany it.

I shall give some more reviews later!!

My costumes are lasting really well, thanks to Melanie Mylie for them, and the wigs are looking ever so good in the pictures, I shall get some up in a gallery when I get home! The wigs from my friend from THE GLAM SISTERS Michael Bachelor, look great with the costumes, and my finale wig looks super under the lights! So a BIG thank you to him!

Also recently I had my first proper TV appearance on the Weakest Link Loud for a Living special, if you didn't see it I can now say I lasted 3 rounds and had a great day and met some lovely people! The walk of shame was great fun, and my end clip was 20 minutes long, so how they managed to edit it down to 1 sentence is a small miracle!


Anyway a happy new year to you all, as I say Pictures will be up soon!

Doncaster has been great! I've met some great people and had a great run here! 10 shows to go!! My feet cant wait!

Chat soon!

Sam x