Panto Done!

Well that's all Folks!!!

I finished pantomime over 2 weeks ago now, sorry for the delay in blogging, although I haven't done anything I appear to have done a lot! Today I saw my last of this seasons pantomimes (I Think) I went to see Aladdin at the Wolverhampton Grand with good old Biggins! It brought back memories of my Aladdin, obviously some of the jokes get recycled, but one in particular stood out as me and Jimmy did it and never got a laugh unless we had comics in the audience, and I think the same joke had been working the same in Wolverhampton, so today with me and my good friend Naughty Nigel Harvey in the audience it got a good laugh!! They worded it slightly differently though... "Is that perfume I smell?" "It is and you do!" is the reply! It's quick and a bit to clever most of the time but it tickled me!!!

I also managed to meet up with fellow Dame Martin Ramsdin as we went to see Dick Whittington at the Birmingham Hippodrome! Julian Clary stole the show for me with hid Fabulous costumes and great innuendo.

Have been catching up with some friends as well managed to have a chat with Mark Kimber, from Mark and Jae - Athena Productions based in Blackpool...we did some net working and if you have a look in the link section you will see he managed to persuade me put a link on the web site! Bless them! However, they are a wonderful company, doing great show reels and some lovely portfolio work check them out!

I finished panto and made it home the same evening, thanks to dad, he managed to get all the wigs in one car and I got everything else in the other!!  It was good to be home but after two days off I was wanting to be back on stage doing panto! This year I made some lovely friends and it was great to be working with my favourite villain again Mr Nigel Peever! Jimmy Cricket was absolutely lovely, him and Mrs Cricket through a last night party for us and it was so nice! :) Hopefully I will be putting some pictures of that up on here soon!!


Well I am off out now to meet up with a dancing friend from panto and pontins for her Birthday!

So I shall Blog again soon no doubt! Don't go far!! Ohhh and if you are on facebook please follow my Dame Page Press like at the top of it... Search "Sam Rabone - Pantomime Dame" that should find me!!