Half Way

Well it's nearly Christmas, Panto season is well and truley underway! I thought it was about time I did a little blog as I haven't done one in quiet a while!


We opened a week ago in Sleeping Beauty in Doncaster for Sheer Enchantment, and the audiences are loving it! My dresses are all working and are getting the repsonses I want. Nigel Peever is back and this year he is playing Carabose the evil fairy who casuses Sleeping Beauty to "die" and if it wasn't for our Brillaint fairy Fifi she would be dead, but as all good fairy stories we now know, there is a happy eneding and she sleeps for 100 years before meeting the man of her dreams! Nigel is getting a lovely amount of Boo's this year, he is such a wonderful villain to work with, he knows how to be evil, get the boo's but also milk the laughs! My comic this year is Joe Fisher, he is a lovely bloke and a great comic and it's been a pleasure to work with him, every scene we are in together we bounce of each other and have a real laugh! Russ Spence off of Eurovision Scooch is storming it as our Prince! The ladies love him and he look like a great princeple boy! My daughter Annable Jones (Yorke) is such a wonderful Principle Girl, she can sing, dance and she looks the part! She has a wonderful stage persona! Which brings me to Steve Huison! off of Full Monty Fame and Corry!! What a wonderful man, and a great characer actor! He is playing my husband King Eddie! And between us we are making a great double act, and he doesnt mind being man handled! And when you have a wife like me you don't get much of a choice, he alows me to throw him round the stage and have a lot of fun with the script! I am loving working with him and hope to again in the future! And that leaves me, the beauty element of the show... booked on my looks I think! I am playing Queen Hilda, Mother to sleeping Beauty and long suffering wife of Eddie! But don't worry I can handle myself!

So we have been open a week, we have had screaming kids crying kids, and thats just back stage! The audience are laughng in alll the right places, most of the time! And clapping in all the right places... I think!! :) The Technical rehearsals went really rather well, in the theatre world the dreaded tech can sometimes go on 15 hours or more, Mr David Lee was up supervising the major transformation scene, once that was out the way the rest of the show seemed to fly by. And the joys on being a dame, no transofmation scene, so I got to sit in the stalls, and watch everyone else do all the hard work! In Doncaster we have a dress rehearsal as standard, and then what we call and open dress, tickets are given away to the sponsers and the people watching know it's a dress and are told that the show could stop if anything goes wrong! Which they appear to be hopeing is going to happen! This year they loved it! And we managed to get through the whole show without incident!!


If you want to come and see the show and see all I am talking about you can book tickets by ringing - 01301 342 349 we run right through till the 31st of December!


Last night on my night off from Sleeping Beauty I went on a Bus Man's Holiday to see The Sheffield Lycemum's version of Sleeping beauty! It was great to see a different version and to see how someone else has written the script! This version was done by Paul Hendy of Evolution Pantomimes and was brilliant! Great comedy from one of Britains top dames - Damian Williams! If you get the chance to see him work do so, it was a joy to watch, and afterwards we met up and had a drink in the bar, we have been twitter friends for a year now, but this was the first time we met properly! What a lovely chap!

While in sheffield I managed to get all my Chistmas shopping done too!! What a relief!! At least I now know it's all done and I can put my feet up...well not really...as 2 shows's a day now all the way up untill Christmas!!


On a different note but in a similar vain, I bought some new shoes...for me...not for Hilda...all of Hilda's shoes are fine..not a problem, the first proper pair of male shoes I buy and I've got 2 great big blisters on my little toes!! GREAT!!


Also Look out for my article that's gone into a Yorkshire Magazine called East Side, I have a double Page spread all about me and pantomime!! VEry Chuffed!!


Well It's time for me to blow out the candles and say good night!! I'll try and blog again soon!! Na Na Night!